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Cảm Biến Khói Ion Chamber Am-241

  • Hàng còn: 5 Chiếc
    (Gửi hàng trong ngày)
  • Giá bán: 60.000 đ

  • This sensor contains tiny amount of Americium 241 isotope.
    Americium emits alpha particles and weak gamma radiation, alpha particles completely blocked by the casing of the sensor, gamma radiation however freely passes through the casing but due to very low energy around 60 keV quickly absorbed by air (maximum run through air 15cm).
    It is a great source for checking gamma only sensitive Geiger counters, if you have such type of counter it will be impossible to test it with other sources which emit beta particles only.
    It could be used to test gamma spectrometers as well.
    Add a nice "hot" piece to your collection which emits alpha and gamma radiation.
    SBM-20 tube based Geiger counter indicates 140 Counts per minute from this source with gamma filter applied (approximately 80 uR/h or 0.8 uSv/h accordingly).

Số lượng
  • Description:
  • Shape: Same as the picture show
  • Model: NAP-07 Ion Chamber Smoke Sensor
  • Diameter: 37mm
  • Parameter:
  • Ionization source characteristics and radiation safety performance:
  • The ionization chamber fitted with a high performance and low activity of Am-241 ionization Ionization source activity: 0. 5uCi ( 18KBq . 0. 8uCi±10% ( 30KBq±10% )
  • Ionization source a spectroscopy: peak: 4. 5MeV ± 10%, FW HM<0. 7MeV
  • Safety grading standards ( GB4075, IS02919 . C64444
  • Ionization chamber radiation dose rate at 25cm: 0. 03mGy/ ( 1mGy value lower than population dose standard )
  • Conditions: outer electrode and the source electrode voltage ( VDD supply voltage ): 9V
  • Environment temperature: 20 + C: close to atmospheric pressure standard atmospheric pressure, clean air
  • Collecting electrode equilibrium potential: 5. 3~6. 5V
  • Collecting electrode potential with the smoke concentration change
  • Light reduction rate was 1% feet: 0. 6V
  • Light reduction rate was 4% feet: 2. 2V Insulator leakage current ( Max ): 0. 5Pa
  • Capacitor ( collection of extreme outer electrode + to the source base ): 6. 0pF

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